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We are the comprehensive choice for post-production, offering recording, mixing, audio cleanup,

sound design and music services, as well as the option to film recording sessions.





Our team of engineers are experienced in recording voiceovers, podcasts, audiobooks, corporate events and location sound, as well as music (via The Crypt Studio). We are also Source Connect-ready, allowing us to record remotely. 


Whether it's a TV advert, album or online video, we mix our projects to your specifications, so you can rest assured it meets your delivery requirements.

Audio Cleanup

Clients often approach us with audio recorded in noisy environments, especially as many people are now recording from basic home setups. We use cutting-edge technology to fix and improve your audio, either as a standalone service, or as part of our mixes.

Sound Design 

We have access to a huge library of sound effects, whilst our expertise in recording and audio manipulation ensures your project is brought to life through effective sound design.


We run three excellent production music labels: Bleach and Discoveries (both published by BMG), as well as a new, specialist label currently under development: The Crypt Recording Co.


Much of this is recorded at our in-house studio, The Crypt Studio, and mixed on-site. Not only can we conduct music searches of our ample catalogue on your behalf, we also have in-house composers ready to work on bespoke music for you.

Filming & Green Screen Video Production

We have an incredible selection of video and lighting equipment, allowing you to record stunning visuals of your podcasts or interviews in our comfortable studio, complementing the audio.

Bleach Productions brings you a safe, pre-lit, green screen studio for film, TV & video productions. The studio is fully equipped for livestreams & we can run multiple cameras and audio via remote control.

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